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10 good reasons to work with Escaux


Build your own cloud(s)

Outmatch your competitors with an unparalleled unified communication services, tailored to the wants and needs of your customers. Exploit these services to differentiate your network. And start building long-term, profitable relationships with your customers.


One solution - many services - all your target markets

One and the same set of functional building blocks allows you to create, deliver and assure solutions, tailored to the needs of your different target markets. In functionality as well as in architecture. From SoHo, over SME to Corporate and Public Institutions.


Services are created across platforms

Integrating applications in the cloud or in the operator network with local applications and telecom services. According to the needs of each market segment. Build solutions ranging from simple IP telephony, over instant messaging and video collaboration to advanced call center solutions, integrated with the ICT back office.

Discover more about our powerful service creation


Choose the best architecture, adapted to each market

Combine all the good things of the cloud with the advantages of a dedicated customer environment. Offering your customer the security and flexibility he asks for while preserving the industrial manageability of a cloud solution for yourself.

Discover more about some of the possible architectures.


Industrial deployment

Delivering services in an industrial way means the can be reproduced at any time, without manual interventions or dependency on certified engineers. Industrial service delivery allows you to match flexibility with efficiency. Discover more about our industrial service delivery.


Unbeatable time to market

Bring your specific unified communication service to market in months. Only Escaux can make you that promise.


Assure top reliability

Service assurance tools are built-in in the Escaux solution and are delivered automatically. This allows you to offer one end-to-end Service Level Agreement over all applications and for any chosen architecture. So, regardless of the unified communication services you create. Discover more about our built-in service assurance tools


Fixed Mobile Unification: be amongst the first to offer a breakthrough solution

Fixed Mobile Unification adds a genuine pull from the market and is based on unique Escaux  technology, delivered through the operator cloud. Add the breakthrough solution for Fixed Mobile Unification to your offering, and change the rules of the win-back battle for mobile voice revenue. Discover more about Escaux’s breakthrough solution for Fixed Mobile Unification.


Stay free and independent

Escaux is independent from any hardware or software manufacturer and is advocating the use of open standards. This gives you a real freedom to choose the most appropriate hardware or software components.


Crystal clear pricing policy

Our pricing is very competitive, and also extremely transparent.

The starting point is an easy-to-understand and comprehensive list of resources, actions and modules. The cost of your created service template is determined of what building blocks go into it. It is very easy for a product manager to understand the cost structure the services he creates. Moreover, it becomes straightforward to simulate costs and fine-tune new services for specific segments or customers.