2N Helios IP Devices Licensing

When delivered, all 2N® Helios IP units come with Basic license.
Only exception is 2N® Helios IP Vario with display, keypad (possibly also with camera) which comes with preloaded Gold license.
If you want to buy additional license for all other models, see links below.

Property/License Enhanced Audio Enhanced Video Enhanced Integration Enhanced Security NFC Gold License
User sounds DONE         DONE
Automatic audio test DONE         DONE
Noise detection DONE         DONE
Audio/video streaming (RTSP Server)   DONE       DONE
External IP camera support   DONE       DONE
ONVIF support   DONE       DONE
PTZ function support   DONE       DONE
Motion detection support   DONE       DONE
Extended switch setting options     DONE     DONE
Automation functions     DONE     DONE
E-mail sending (SMTP client)     DONE     DONE
Automatic update (TFTP/HTTP client)     DONE     DONE
FTP client     DONE     DONE
SNMP client     DONE     DONE
802.1x support       DONE   DONE
SIPS (TLS) support       DONE   DONE
NFC support         DONE DONE


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