Administrator Guide: Extension Move-Add-Change v.1


The Extension move-add-change enables the administrator to efficiently move, add, or change a user's extension without having to do a full apply-cluster-change. Deletion of an extension still requires an apply-cluster-change. Primary phone and secondary phone must be SIP phones.


  • Asterisk-1.2 module v2.20+
  • Goto.Application v1.02+
  • Users callflow must use STARTDYNAMICAPPLICATION v5.3+
  • SMP v4.3+

How to implement?

Step 1: Add InternalGroup

On the master SOP:

DONE Navigate to: Call Routing > Route Group > Add

  • Route Group Name: InternalGroup
  • Type: RouteGroup

Step 2: Add InternalGroup to RestrictInternal

DONE Navigate to: Call Routing > Restriction Groups > Add

  • RestrictionGroup: RestrictInternal
  • Include Route Group: InternalGroup

Step 3: Enable Dynamic Callflow loading

On each SOP of the cluster:

DONE Navigate to: Call Routing > Extra Cluster Routing > Add

  • Telephony Route: _[1-9]XXX
  • Route Group: InternalGroup
  • Action: Goto.Application

The number of 'X' must match the length of an internal extension. If there are several length possible, several route must be added.


DONE Navigate to: Callflow Studio > Assign Callflow

Upgrade all the user's callflow to required version STARTDYNAMICAPPLICATION

Step 5: Apply cluster Change

On the master SOP:

DONE Navigate to: Directory > Apply change

The cluster is now ready to support move-add-change of user's extensions

Step 6: Disable static extension generation

Since callflow loading is now dynamic, you can disable the static extension configuration. If this extra feature is enabled, configuration file will be smaller and the SOP configuration reload will be much lighter.

DONE Navigate to: Callflow Studio > Global Parameters > Reserved > LargeInternalDirectory

Set the value to '1'.
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