Administrator Guide: LDAP Server 1.4


The LDAP server was implemented to offer contact information to external devices like desk phones. It can expose the internal contacts as well as external contacts (if you import them).


  • LDAP Server only runs on baseline 2 servers.
  • You might experience slower response time when using a directory with more than 10000 contacts.



When installing these modules do not forget to install their dependencies listed in the release notes.

Service Enabling

Module Installation

Select for installation the modules listed in the requirements.

DONE Navigate to: Advanced > Module Configuration

Do not forget to install the dependencies as well.

Configure Unified Communication Model to handle your contacts

DONE Navigate to: Advanced > Module Configuration > Edit Unified Communication Model

  • Fill the URL field with a link to a list of external contacts. See here for more information on how to format this document. (Optional)
  • Fill the Cron field with a cron spec, this specifies when the external contacts should be imported. Running this once during this night is recommended. E.g. 0 23 ? * * (Optional)
  • Fill the Priority field for priority. (Optional)
  • Fill the Merge directory cron with a cron spec, this specifies when the internal and external contacts are merged for LDAP. Running this once at night after importing the external contacts is recommended. E.g. 30 23 ? * * . (required)

Refer to the Unified Communication Model documentation to know more about importing external contacts, and how to optimize the configuration to your needs.

Restart the Application Server

Start the SOP Shell. Navigate to the following menus to restart the application server.

DONE Navigate to:  Subsystems > Application Server > Stop

DONE Navigate to:  Subsystems > Application Server > Start

DONE Navigate to:  Subsystems > Application Server > Sync bundles

ALERT! Your contacts will be imported for the first time when the cron job is launched. It will not be triggered by a Application Server (re-)start.


Note that if you have a cluster of SOPs, your imported contacts will not be distributed across your SOP automatically, you will need to import them on each of your SOPs.

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