Administrator Guide: UPS Support


The SOP should automatically shutdown when a low-battery condition is detected on its UPS.

A monitoring process will run on the SOP, checking the UPS status and starting an emergency shutdown if needed.


Eaton 5130

When the UPS restarts after a power failure, the network management card can take a long time to come back online. The SOP will then not be able to connect to it immediately after restarting.

HP DL 120 G7

When cutting the power to this server, one must wait at least 5 seconds before restoring power to ensure that the server detects the power cut and starts up afterwards.


  • Supported hardware: Eaton 5130 with a network management card. Similar models from the same vendor might be compatible. For more information, please contact us.
  • SNMP traffic should be authorized between the SOP and UPS.



  • Connect to the web interface of the UPS

DONE Navigate to:  Settings > SNMP
DONE Navigate to:  Settings > Access Control
(on older firmware)

  • Activate SNMP V1 access in "SNMP Version"
  • Choose a "Community Read-Only" = a password to access UPS statistics using SNMP


  • The BIOS should be configured to ensure that the SOP will start automatically when the power returns (as described in SOP Installation Guide)
  • Add the UPS Support module, then configure it
  • Choose type: SNMP Eaton/MGE and fill in IP and community
  • Install modules

When the installation is completed, you can check the connection status to the UPS in the SOP Shell:

DONE Navigate to:  Diagnostics > UPS Monitor > UPS Status

Sample output:

ambient.humidity: 0.00
ambient.temperature: 0.0
battery.charge: 100.00
battery.charge.low: 20
battery.runtime: 4050.00
battery.voltage: 82.00
device.mfr: MGE UPS SYSTEMS
device.model: 5130
device.serial: NF2222222222
device.type: ups snmp-ups
driver.parameter.mibs: mge
driver.parameter.pollinterval: 2
driver.version: 2.4.3
driver.version.internal: 0.47 (mib: mge 0.4)
input.phases: 1.00
outlet.desc: Main Outlet 0
output.current: 0.00
output.frequency: 49.00
output.phases: 1.00
output.voltage: 231.00
ups.firmware.aux: HE
ups.load: 2.00
ups.status: OL

ups.status Description
OL On Line - on AC Power, normal state
OB On Battery
LB Low Battery - triggers a shutdown of the SOP

To display UPS-related events of the current day:

DONE Navigate to:  Diagnostics > UPS Monitor > UPS Log

In case of a connection problem to the UPS, you can restart the monitoring process:

DONE Navigate to:  Subsystems > UPS Monitor > Restart
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