Administrator Guide: WHFC 1.2 Fax Client

Download and install WHFC which can be found at

Start WHFC from the start menu

Go to Fax - System Preference Menu

Put the SOP IP address on which the Fax Server is installed in the "Hostname" field.

Go to Fax - User Preferences

  • Name: Indicate your name
  • Login: Indicate the fax server login. Please refer to FaxServerAdminGuide.
  • E-mail address: Indicate the email address where notifications could be sent.

Add a new printer:

Click on 'add a printer':

(Please respect the indicated Printer)

remark: On Windows Vista try out "HP LaserJet 5200 PS" or "Xerox DocuPrint 135 EPS PS3"

Click Finish. You are now ready to send faxes by printing a document in an application of your choice. Before confirming the print assignment, please make sure that the correct printer (= the fax server) is selected.

Remark that the WHFC application must run in background before sending faxes.
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