Fusion 4 : Short Numbers


Table of Content

Feature Description

The Short Number profile allows you to call an internal extension, which redirects you to another (longer) number. Example:
  • Call 5000 to talk to the taxi company.

Short Numbers are considered "trusted" numbers: a user who has restrictions to only be able to call internal numbers, will still be able to call the taxi company on the internal number 5000, even if it redirects to an external number When receiving a call from a number that is configured as Short Number, the name and number will be replaced by the one configured for the Short Number (configurable).
  • Example: When the taxi company calls, it will show "Taxi company <5000>" on the screen

How to request the configuration of a "Fax to email"

You have to provide to provide to your support point of contact or your project manager two information
  • external number to be assigned to a Short Number
  • extension to be used internally
  • FirstName and LastName to be configured

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