Description (v1.7.1)

INFO Fetch properties of an extension from the DB and put it in Ext* parameters.
INFO The extension who's directory content should be stored: [Extension].
INFO Lookup for contacts in: [Lookup contacts in].

Release notes

Version 1.7.1 - Early deployment
  • Bugfix: Imported contact lookup failed (M0)
  • Dependency:
    • Database Schema Module 2.6.0 (When using new profile parameters)
    • SMP Application 5.6.0+

Version 1.7.0 - Early deployment
  • Feature: Support for HASH profile parameter (M11613)
  • Feature: Seek over multiple number field (M11463)
  • Dependency:
    • Database Schema Module 2.6.0 (When using new profile parameters)
    • SMP Application 5.6.0+

Version 1.6.0 - General deployment
  • Feature: Take default values into account for profile parameters (M8854)
  • Feature: Added the possibility to do a lookup per mobile number (M10350)
  • Improvement: Add support for the new profile parameters implementation (M8738)

Version 1.5.2 - Early deployment
  • Bugfix: Removed warning messages in asterisk log files (M7278)

Version 1.5.1 - General deployment
  • Improvement: Compatibility with Communication Server 3 (M7654)

Version 1.5.0 - General deployment
  • Feature: Take in account imported contacts. (M0004891)

Version 1.4 - General deployment
  • Feature: Profile parameters are now available when fetching data of an extension (M5642)

Version 1.3 - General deployment
  • Improvement: Compatibility with the Communication Server module

Version 1.2 - General deployment
  • Bugfix: incorrect value of ExtSite

Version 1.1 - General deployment
  • Improve: New information related to the extension (ExtNetApp, ExtProfile, ExtStatus, ExtSop1, ExtSop2)
  • Improve: Extension can be provided via drop down or manually

Version 1.0 - General deployment
  • More verbose description of the action goal

Version 0.0 - General deployment
  • First release

Example of use

This action can be used to retrieve all directory information for a specific extension. The resulting information will be stored in Global Parameter of the form: Ext[Attribute].

Example: ExtAdmin, ExtGroup, ExtPincode etc...

Please refer to the Global Parameter reference guide for more information.

As of version 1.4 the profile parameters are also retrieved and available. They are prefixed with the 'Ext' keyword. Thus a parameter called 'ForwardExtension' would be accessible using 'ExtForwardExtension'. The value of the profile parameters will only be accurate when you are executing this action on SOP1 and SOP2 of the extension.

As of version 1.5 you are also able to fetch contents from the imported contacts. Note that profile parameters are not available because they do not exist from imported contacts. On the other hand, the 10 user vars that are imported are available using variables ExtUser1, ExtUser2, ExtUser3, (...), ExtUser10


  • Version 1.1 add the support of ExtNetapp. This is the net.X application related to the owner of the extension. Remark that the specific case where the owner of the extension has several net.X application is not yet supported.
  • Version 2.0 removes the support of ExtNetapp.
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