Codec G.723


This module installs the G723 codec for Communication Server 2 and 3.

Release notes

Version 2.0.0 - Early deployment
  • Feature: Initial release (M0)
  • Dependency:
    • Communication server >= 2 (32bits only)
    • Breaks Communication server >= 3

Module configuration interface

create_resource_form: .:/usr/share/escaux/glue/lib:/usr/share/escaux/glue/bin/gen_wiki_documentation/src/lib:/usr/share/escaux/glue/bin/gen_wiki_documentation/src/lib/

No parameters to configure.


  • Communication Server 2 for the version 2.x of the module.
  • Communication Server 3 for the version 3.x of the module.
  • It will only work on 32 bit Baselines or 32 bit vSOPs on a 64 bit Baseline.

Service Assurance

You can check that the module is installed correctly by running the following command in an Asterisk-1.2x console:
show translation recalc 10

For Communication Server 2 or higher, use:
core show translation recalc 10

If the command shows some numbers into the column and the row g723, the module has been installed correctly. If there are only "-" then the module has not been installed correctly.
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