KNX Support

Release notes

Version 1.0.0 - Early deployment
  • Feature: initial release (M9059)
  • Dependency:
    • System Base module >= 1.3.0
    • Baseline >= 2.0.0 and < 3.0.0

Module configuration interface

create_resource_form: .:/usr/share/escaux/glue/lib:/usr/share/escaux/glue/bin/gen_wiki_documentation/src/lib:/usr/share/escaux/glue/bin/gen_wiki_documentation/src/lib/

Source address
KNX gateway address
From extension
From context
To extension
To context

Module configuration parameters

  • Source address: Enter the local IP address of the KNX module on the SOP (IP address of one of the SOP interfaces)
  • KNX gateway address: Enter the IP address of the external KNX-IP controller device
  • From extension: Enter the Extension of the first call flow to be triggered for every KNX event received by the module. Following variables are passed to the call flow: KNX_ADDR = KNX address of the device sending the event (eg "1/0/3"); KNX_VAL = value in hexa of the KNX event (eg "80" for OFF state and "81 for ON state).
  • From context: (if left empty, will use "default")
  • To extension: Second call flow triggered in sequence for every KNX event received (with same call flow variables)
  • To context: (if left empty, will use "default")
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