This module installs the asterisk version 1.2 software for OpenVZ nodes

Release notes

Version 2.9.0 - General deployment
  • Potential update impact level 2 DONE: in the event this update contains a bug, it might have critical impact. Respect dependencies and retest your most important callflows and applicative integrations.
  • support of DSCP (Diffserv Code Point marking) for SIP signalling, RTP audio, RTP video and IAX2
  • support of misdn channels
  • file descriptor general code optimization
  • automatically load module ztdummy at startup

Module configuration interface

create_resource_form: .:/usr/share/escaux/glue/lib:/usr/share/escaux/glue/bin/gen_wiki_documentation/src/lib:/usr/share/escaux/glue/bin/gen_wiki_documentation/src/lib/

SIP canreinvite
DNS Lookup
SIP videosupport
Log Level
Default Context (blank=default)
IAX Jitter Buffer
Qualify SIP devices registration
( every x ms, yes> x=2000 ms)
Voicemail access Language and Type
EscauxTsp secret
Voicemail email sender
WAV file voicemail email compression
Server side DSCP marking: Enter comma separated list of 4 DSCP values for SIP, RTP audio, RTP video, IAX (Eg: CS3, EF, AF41,EF)
mISDN support

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