Dialogic Card Support


Dialogic Card Support for BRI and PRI cards.

Release notes

Version 1.1.0 - General deployment
  • Feature: BRI plugin for the SopShell application improved
  • Dependency:
    • Shell >= 1.9

Version 1.0.0 - General deployment
  • Initial release

Module configuration interface

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No parameters to configure.


The goal of this module is to manage dialogic diva server card through a sop shell plug in.

The new plug in menu 'Dialogic Diva Server' is located under the 'Configuration - Interface cards' menu and has 2 sub-menus:

  • Configuration: Launch the Dialogic Diva Server configuration wizard
  • Dialogic Card Stop and Restart: Stop telephony, restart Dialogic Diva Server cards and restart telephony

Dialogic Card Configuration

In order to connect the card to the ISDN network, the following common parameters should be used:

(the recommended value is the one marked with (X))

The following menu can change as a function of the number of BRI or PRI interfaces installed in the SOP.

Select TE mode to connect the card to the public ISDN network.

ETSI is the most popular ISDN flavor in europe. Select another flavor of ISDN protocol if needed.

Select point-to-point mode.

Bind every Diva adapter to own MTPX adapter

Validate all other screens options to save your configuration:
  • Please configure ECT emulation: Not checked
  • Please configure global CAPI call distribution policy: On
  • Card startup options option checked:
    • Verify adapter serial number before microcode load
    • Start driver on system boot

Dialogic Card Stop and Restart

Attention: Using this function stops the telephony process and interrupt all conversations.

Use this function, for example, to reset the card and force layer 1 to stop and restart so that the remote equipment reset.
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