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This module installs the Nokia mobile phone tools allowing provisioning wifi+sip configuration by sms. The "Provision" action is available on any Nokia E51 and E65 resource in Advanced > System status > Phones status of the sop menu.

Release notes

Version 1.1.0 - General deployment
  • Feature: Initial version.

Version 1.0.0 - Deprecated

Module configuration interface

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Api id


Module installation

This document describes the steps necessary to automatically provision a Nokia E51 mobile phone. By "provisioning" we mean sending wifi and SIP/VoIP parameters by SMS. When the SMS is accepted by the phone owner, the phone automatically try to connect the sop with a SIP session and if the sop is reachable the phone can immediately send and receive VoIP phone calls.

  • Opening an account on an Escaux supported SMS centers. Currently only the Clickatell SMS center is supported by ESCAUX. The procedure to open a Clickatell account and buy credits is described below.
  • Installing the Nokia Phone Support module, latest version
  • Setting up the Nokia Phone Support module by encoding the sms center credentials (the values for "User", "Password" and "Api Id")
  • Adding a NokiaE51 resource for each physical E51 phone
  • Setting up each NokiaE51 resource providing relevant values for "Provisioning mobile phone number" (*), "Wifi SSID" and "WiFi WPA key". (for automatic batch procedure please contact ESCAUX)

If your wireless network is not WPA encrypted (but WPA2, WEP, LEAP or other) please contact ESCAUX.

The Provisioning of a NokiaE51 resource is done through the SMP :
DONE Navigate to: menu Advanced > System Status > Phones Status
Click on the "Provision" action on the right of a NokiaE51 resource line.

Opening an account on Clickatell

  • Browse
  • Choose menu My Account > Clickatell central
  • Choose New Customers > Product Selection > Clickatell Central (API)
  • Encode the information requested, including "Account type" : International
    • Pay attention to your "username" and "password" choices, they will be used in the module configuration
    • Rem: "Mobile Number": your mobile phone will validate your identity to open account
  • If you agree with them, "Accept Clickatell's Terms and Conditions" and click "Continue".
  • A validation code received by email and a validation code received by SMS have to be introduced
  • On the main page of the Clickatell Central product a table shows available connections, called "API CONNECTIONS". Please note the HTTP API (a 7 digits number, for example 3059299) for the module configuration. You have now a Clickatell account with a "username", a "password" and an "Api Id", those information have to be encoded in the Nokia Phone Support module configuration
  • Then click on "Buy SMS credits" and order the necessary credits for the planned provisioning operations. With the Clickatell less advantageous pricing 400 credits costs about 18 and an SMS costs 2 credits to a Belgian mobile operator. Provisioning a phone costs 5 SMS, thus it is possible to provision 40 phones with 18 , which means max 0.5 for provisioning one mobile phone with the less advantageous clickatell pricing.
  • In the orange header of the clickatell (central product) website the "Balance" value gives the remaining credits. Pay attention one sms need more than one credit.

(*) The phone number format required by Clickatell is : +[international_code][phone_number] (ex: +32495123456)

Controling the provisionning process with Clickatell

There is no delivery time assurance with clickatell (with the current http used method). Most of time the sms are sent immediately but sometimes it takes a few minutes (10' already observed). The "Message Reports" section of the website allows to control the sms requests and their status.

When all the sms (needed by a mobile phone for its configuration) are in the status "Received by recipient" then the mobile phone own them and will try to aggregate them to configure wifi and sip/voip. If some sms are missing the mobile phone won't be able to configure it until they are received, and won't show any error message if some sms are missing.

Managing parameters

This section explains how to manage wifi and sip/voip parameters after provisionning. Any sms provisioning add a wifi, a sip and a voip configuration entry in the phone. To completely remove a such provisionning it is necessary to manually remove those three configuration entries.

When the phone is connected to the Escaux sop, for example after an sms provisioning, it is necessary to disconnect it to be able to edit or remove the configuration entries. For this purpose go to Menu > Connectivity > connection manager (Conn. mgr.) > Active data connections then select the WIFI connection, select Option > Disconnect and validate "End connection?" (it is also possible to end the connection via Menu > Connectivity > "Internet tel.")

Now you are able to edit or remove the wifi/sip/voip parameters.

  • To remove the wifi configuration, go to Menu > Tools > Settings > Connection > Access points and remove the related access point entry (probably named WIFI)
  • To remove the sip configuration, go to Menu > Tools > Settings > Connection > SIP settings and remove the related sip entry (probably named SIP)
  • To remove the voip configuration, go to Menu > Tools > Settings > Connection > Internet tel. and remove the related voip entry (probably named VoIP)

Default call

For financial and organisational reasons it is interresting to automatically use voip calls when the phone is connected on Escaux sop (which is automatic when entering in the office wifi range). For that purpose select Menu > Tools > Settings > Phone > Call > Default call type : Internet call

Now when the user enter a number and push the green call buton a voip call is made if the phone is connected on the Escaux sop.
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