API Proxy (SPA2)


This probe verifies that the API proxy server is working. Version 0.x simply checks that the process appears in the process table, no application level test is done to see if the server is actually working. Version 1.x verifies that a test call generates the expected events on the attribute bus.

Release notes

Version 1.0 - Early deployment
  • Improvement: verify that a test call generates the expected events on the attribute bus.
  • Dependency:
    • SOP API module v2.0+
    • SNMP Agent module v2.0+
    • SIP Selftest probe v1.1+

Version 0.1 - General deployment
  • Only check that the API proxy process running
  • Dependency:
    • SNMP Agent module 1.0+

Resource configuration interface

GUI unavailable.

Resource parameters

This probe has no configurable parameters.

Configuration example

On the cluster level, create a probe and set the SOP field to '*'.

When added, this resource requires you to apply changes, followed by a reinstall of the SNMP Agent module on all sops in the cluster. Note that it can take some time (up to an hour) before probes are actually added to the monitoring system.

Performance graphs

This probe does not generate any performance graphs.


This probe can report following alarm states:

    • (v0.x) the API proxy process is running.
    • (v1.x) the API proxy does not appear to be working, more precisely: a test call did not yield the expected events on the attribute bus.

Possible causes

(none documented yet)

Possible consequences

If the API proxy is not working:
  • phone status will be incorrect in net.Desktop, net.Console 2 and the SMP.
  • autorecall will not work.
  • the XML API will not send any events.

Possible actions

(none documented yet)

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