PRI Usage (ZPU1)


This probe reports for one PRI ("span") the alarm state (RED, YELLOW,...), the number of usable channels and the number of channels in use at the moment.

Release notes

Version 1.2.0 - Early deployment
  • Improvement: Probe will not be executed anymore on the SOP when it is not defined on the SMP (M6425)
  • Dependency:
    • SNMP Agent module v3.0.0 or higher

Version 1.1 - General deployment
  • Improvement: monitored under svc host instead of physical sop
  • Dependency:
    • SNMP Agent module v2.2+

Version 1.0 - General deployment
  • Initial version
  • Dependency:
    • SNMP Agent module v2.2+

Resource configuration interface

GUI unavailable.

Resource parameters

  • PRI number (SPAN): the SPAN number of the PRI.

Performance graphs

This probe generates a graph with following performance metrics:

  • Total: the total number of channels in the PRI. This is a constant value.
  • Used: the number of channels currently in use.
  • Free: the number of channels currently available.


This probe can report following alarm states:

  • CRITICAL: any of the following conditions hold:
    • the PRI is down. More precisely, it reports a RED, YELLOW or BLUE alarm.
    • the PRI has zero usable channels (misconfiguration?).
    • all the channels are in use.

Possible causes

(no root-causes are documented yet)

Possible consequences

A PRI that is down has following consequences:

  • all calls routed over the PRI are interrupted. No new calls can be set up using it.

Possible actions

Following actions may be taken in response to a span (PRI) that is down:

  • verify cabling.
  • verify the equipment at the other end (possibly at your telecom operator).

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