HitachiWireless5000 (SDA1)


This resource allows to connect a Hitachi IP-5000 WiFi SIP IP Phone.

Release notes

Version 1.4 - General deployment
  • Correction of TFTP option 66 configuration
  • Call forwarding option activated
  • forcing to enable echo canceller added

Version 1.3 - General deployment
  • Correction of TFTP option 66 configuration
  • Call forwarding option activated

Version 1.2 - General deployment
  • Correction of DTMF setting to match RFC2833
  • Source port of SIP messages fixed to 5060 instead of the default 5061

Version 1.1 - General deployment
  • This version provides auto-configuration and firmware update of the Hitachi IP 5000 phone

Version 1.00 - General deployment

Version 0.0 - Deprecated
  • Bugfix: Correction of TFTP option 66 configuration
  • Bugfix: Fix source port
  • Feature: Call forwarding option activated
  • Deprecated: Significant improvements have been done in a higher version

Resource configuration interface

GUI unavailable.

Resource configuration parameters

Please note that the 'Hitachi Phone Support' module must be installed on your SOP when using this resource

  • SIP can reinvite: select yes if you want the RTP stream to bypass the SOP and work in peer-to-peer mode. The default value is 'no'
  • QoS - DSCP configuration: select the DSCP marking for your RTP and SIP traffic
  • Web access password: enter a 6 digits pincode to protect web access to the Hitachi IP5000 phone. No characters allowed. Leave empty for default value (000000)
  • RTP port range: define the RTP port range. Leave empty for default values (10000-20000)
  • Time zone: select your time zone. The Hitachi IP5000 will automatically adapt its time according to Daylight Saving Time (DST)

First time manual Setup procedure

Connect the WIP phone to a Wireless Network

Please use the following instructions to configure the Wireless network :

DONE Navigate to:  Menu > setup > Phone lock > User pwd : enter the 000000 password

DONE Navigate to:  Network config > Network config > Config1 > WLAN > SSID : enter the SSID

DONE Navigate to:  Network config > Network config > Config1 > Security (WPA-PSK or WEP)

  • WPA : Simply enter the pass phrase
  • WEP
    • Select 128 bits
    • WepKey1 : Enter the WEP key (ASCII or hexadecimal)

Access to the web interface

To retrieve the IP address of the phone, please look here:

DONE Navigate to:  Menu > Setup > Information > TCP/IP

Manual configuration with a Web browser

The following procedure must be executed manually before the configuration can be pushed to the Hitachi phone.

  • Configure WiFi settings according to the Hitachi IP5000 administrator guide and your WiFi security settings
  • Log into the phone's webinterface (use port 8080): http://a.b.c.d:8080. The default login credentials are:
    • login: admin
    • password: 000000
  • In the web interface select 'Main Page'
  • Copy the MAC address and enter in the SMP when creating the Hitachi IP5000 resource.
  • Select: Configuration > DHCP OPTIONS
    • SET the Use Option 66 option.
  • Select: Configuration > PROVISION
  • Set:
    • Use Provision=On
    • Request Mode=TFTP
    • Event mode=Power On
  • Select "CHANGE VALUE"
  • Select "YOU MUST REBOOT"

Update sequence

During the boot process, the Hitachi IP5000 phone will read the following files from the TFTP server:

  • /tftpboot/loadrun.ini
  • /tftpboot/
  • /tftpboot/user{MAC}.ini

... where {MAC} is the MAC address of the Hitachi phone.

In the event something goes wrong, look for these files in the TFTP trace which you can take using the shell application on your SOP.

Administrator guide

The full administrator guide can be found here .
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