Aastra Virtual Phone (SVE3)


Release notes

Version 1.7.0 - Early deployment
  • Improvement: Label field for each programmable Keys (M10290)
  • Dependency:
    • Aastra Phone Support module 1.0+
    • PUM module

Version 1.6.0 - General deployment
  • Bugfix: phone was exiting corporate directory when using the corporate directory and the Idle URL together. (M6087)
  • Bugfix: It was not possible to change the date format displayed on the phone. (M5911)
  • Bugfix: Choosing default behaviour for the programmable keys caused no action being set at all. (M5747)
  • Improvement: Set the default timezone to BE-Brussels.
  • Dependency:
    • Aastra Phone Support module 1.0+
    • PUM module

Version 1.05 - General deployment
  • Features: Allow to set language defined in user configuration (M0004955)
  • Feature: Added support for Connected Line Update (M5654)
  • Dependency:
    • Aastra Phone Support module 1.0+
    • PUM module

Version 1.04 - General deployment
  • Feature: Support for polling url. (M0005077)
  • Dependency:
    • Aastra Phone Support module 1.0+
    • PUM module

Version 1.03 - General deployment
  • Improvement: Added configurable button 7 and 8
  • Dependency:
    • Aastra Phone Support module 1.0+
    • PUM module

Version 1.02 - General deployment
  • Feature: Initial release
  • Dependency:
    • Aastra Phone Support module 1.0+
    • PUM module

Resource configuration interface

GUI unavailable.

Resource configuration parameters

  • Programmable keys: Define the behavior of the programmable key. The possible behaviors are:
    • Default: The behavior as defined in the factory settings
    • Speed dial: Speed dial to the number indicated in the 'value' field
    • Speed dial and BLF: Speed dial with busy lamp indication of the extension indicated in the 'value' field
    • Transfer: Enable to do an attended transfer
    • Local directory: Access to the directory locally stored in the phone
    • Callers list: Access the list of all received calls
    • XML Application: Enable to access an XML application for which the HTTP url must be filled in in the 'value' field. If the value is set to /aastra/Dir.php, the application will access the corporate directory.
    • Services: Access the predefined services
  • Dialplan: String compatible with the digit map feature of MGCP (cfr RFC3435) which indicate when auto-dial should be triggered
  • Application URL:
    • Idle URL: URL being pushed
    • Auto append extension: If you want to append the extension of the phone to the pushed url, put this flag to yes.
    • Idle URL Refresh (sec): polling interval
  • Advanced options:
    • Language: The language to be activated on the phone UI
    • Automatic Off-Hook Call Placement: Automatic call on off-hook event
    • Callist-received: Enable or Disable the access to the caller list
    • Callist-missed: Enable or disable the missed call indication
    • Date format: Specify the date format to be used to display the date on the phone screen
    • Hour format: Specify if the 12h time format or the 24h time format should be used
    • Time zone: Specify the time zone to be used to display the time on the phone screen. The daylight saving is automatic.

Conditional Idle


Conditional Idle is a service that can be polled or pushed to the supported phones to display the status for that particular extension.

It also allows you to display a certain variable under certain conditions. For example: you can use this service, to check if you are in forward mode, and if so, display the forward number.

Polycom Phones

DONE Navigate to:  Resources > IP Phone > Select your Polycom phone > Edit

For Polycom Phones, add the following url to your idle url, and set append extension to true.


Aastra Phones

DONE Navigate to:  Resources > IP Phone > Select your Aastra phone > Edit

For Aastra Phones, add the following url to your idle url, and set append extension to true.


  • Where if contains the parameter to be compared.
  • Where equals contains the value to compare the parameter to.
  • Where thenshow contains the value to display if the compared values are equal.
  • Where withlabel contains the value to prefix the display if the compared values are equal

Queue status

As of Aastra Phone Support 2.0.1 and Polycom Phone Support 4.3.4, we allow to show if the extension is logged into a queue. You can use up to 3 queues. You will need SOP Base 1.4.6 installed.

To set up the queues to monitor you have to set the following parameters in the URL:
  • q1v is the first queue to monitor.
  • q2v is the second queue to monitor.
  • q3v is the third queue to monitor.

If you are not logged into any queue, no indicator will be displayed. Some devices don't have enough space to display the queues if your status and your extension fill up the whole screen. Queue names are fetched from the profile parameters, you cannot set the name directly. You will have to indicate a var number, as explained below.

  • Polycom: polycom/ConditionalIdle.php?if=var_1&equals=abc&thenshow=var_2&q1v=var_6&q3v=var_5&q2v=var_1&ext=101
  • Aastra: aastra/ConditionalIdle.php?if=var_1&equals=abc&thenshow=var_2&q1v=var_6&q3v=var_5&q2v=var_1&ext=101

Acessing Profile Parameters

Possible values for if, thenshow, q1v, q2v and q3v are var_1 to var_42, they match the parameter order defined in your profile

DONE Navigate to: Communication Flow Studio > Profile

Parameter 1 matches var_1
Parameter 2 matches var_2
Parameter 3 matches var_3
Parameter 4 matches var_4
Parameter 5 matches var_5
Parameter 6 matches var_6
Parameter 7 matches var_7
Parameter 8 matches var_8
Parameter 9 matches var_9
Parameter 10 matches var_10
Parameter 11 matches var_11
Parameter 12 matches var_12
Parameter 13 matches var_13
Parameter 14 matches var_14
Parameter 15 matches var_15
Parameter 16 matches var_16
Parameter 17 matches var_17
Parameter 18 matches var_18
Parameter 19 matches var_19
Parameter 20 matches var_20
Parameter 21 matches var_21
Parameter 22 matches var_22
Parameter 23 matches var_23
Parameter 24 matches var_24
Parameter 25 matches var_25
Parameter 26 matches var_26
Parameter 27 matches var_27
Parameter 28 matches var_28
Parameter 29 matches var_29
Parameter 30 matches var_30
Parameter 31 matches var_31
Parameter 32 matches var_32
Parameter 33 matches var_33
Parameter 34 matches var_34
Parameter 35 matches var_35
Parameter 36 matches var_36
Parameter 37 matches var_37
Parameter 38 matches var_38
Parameter 39 matches var_39
Parameter 40 matches var_40
Parameter 41 matches var_41
Parameter 42 matches var_42

This service is supported up to 50 phones.

Associated application notes

Personal User Mobility


This resource has been tested against the tests listed in the Personal User Mobility Application Note.

Known Limitations

If an option is defined in this resource, the same option must be set to a default value in the physical phone resource (SDR). Otherwise, the option might not be taken into account after an Apply Changes.

For languages, the default value in the SDR can be anything except 'global' and 'default'.

When nobody is logged in, the value you define in the SDR resouce will be the one that is used. When someone logs in, the value of the SDR will be overwritten by the one defined in this resource.

When both the corporate directory and the Application URL are defined, if the user changes his status or his queues statuses, he will be kicked out of his corporate directory when the changes appears on the phone. After the change has appeared, the corporate directory can be used like usual.
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