SIP overload and IP blacklist (SPA4)


This probe verifies if some SIP devices are currently overloaded or if some IP addresses are blacklisted.

Release notes

Version 1.1.0 - General deployment
  • Improvement: Probe will now not be executed on the server if it is not defined on the SMP (M6425)
  • Dependency:
    • SNMP Agent module v3.0.0 or higher
    • Asterisk-1.2.x module v.2.30+

Version 1.0 - Early deployment
  • Initial version
  • Dependency:
    • SNMP Agent module v2.6+
    • Asterisk-1.2.x module v.2.30+

Resource configuration interface

GUI unavailable.

Resource configuration parameters

There are no configurations parameters. There is a single probe even if the SIP overload control is enabled on several SIP devices.

Configuration example

To monitor if a SIP device is overloaded or blacklisted, the SIP overload control settings and blacklisting settings must be set on the corresponding SIP device.

Performance graphs

This probe does not generate any performance graphs.


This probe can report following alarm states:

  • CRITICAL: a SIP device is overloaded or blacklisted. The message provides the name of the SIP device.
  • WARNING: an IP address has been blacklisted.

Possible causes

Too many calls from a SIP device or blacklisted IP has been added.

Possible consequences

Calls from the SIP device or the blacklisted IP address are rejected.

Possible actions

Check the number of calls currently on the SOP via the Asterisk console (Shell > Diagnostics > Telephony > Asterisk Console), execute the command 'show channels'.

Check the overload status on the SOP via the Asterisk Console, execute the command 'sip overload status'.

Check the blacklisted IP on the SOP via the Asterisk Console, execute the command 'sip blacklist status'.

IP addresses can be added or removed from the blacklist via the command 'sip blacklist add/remove'.

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