Channels Usage (HPU1)


This probes monitors the channels usage

Release notes

Version 1.1.0 - General deployment
  • Improvement: Probe will now not be executed on the server if it is not defined on the SMP (M6425)
  • Dependency:
    • SNMP Agent module v3.3.0 or higher

Version 1.0.0 - Early deployment
  • Feature: Initial version (M5976)
  • Dependency:
    • SNMP Agent module v2.13.0+

Resource configuration interface

GUI unavailable.

What is measured

The probe measures the number of active channels.

Resource parameters

  • Warning Level
  • Critical Level

Performance graphs

The probe generates a graph with the following performance metrics:

  • Channel Usage : Channels that are active when the probe ran.
  • Warning threshold (optional): The number of active channels before a warning alarm is issued.
  • Critical threshold (optional): The number of active channels before a critical alarm is issued.


The probe can report following alarm states:

  • WARNING: The channel usage is exceeds the warning threshold for 15 minutes.
  • CRITICAL: The channel usage is exceeds the critical threshold for 15 minutes.

Possible causes

  • A large number of calls are being handled.
  • A loop or issue with the SOP

Possible consequences

The SOP's performance might be affected. Any vSOPs on the same host might also be affected.

Possible actions

  • Try to identify if the high amount of channels is due to a current ongoing calls
  • If it seems due to a loop or issue with the SOP, restart the Communication Server:
    • SOP Shell > Diagnostics > Communication Server > Open Console Then type "restart now"

Additional notes

Requires SNMP agent to be installed on the VSOP itself.
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