MusicOnHold (MME1)


Music on Hold resources define properties of the different classes of music that can be played when a caller is put on hold.

Release notes

Version 1.6 - General deployment
  • Improvement: Compatibility with the Communication Server module
  • Dependency:
    • MusicOnHoldSelector resource >= 1.1
    • All MusicOnHold resources must be at least version 1.6

Version 1.5 - General deployment
  • Improvement: Add the possibility to choose the way the music is played (M0003854)

Version 1.4 - General deployment
  • Improvement: Added possibility to change the volume

Version 1.3 - General deployment
  • Improvement: Speed up apply changes

Version 1.2 - General deployment
  • Improvement: If possible use non-blocking rexec which makes apply changes much faster

Version 1.1 - General deployment
  • Bugfix: When creating a new folder, it is now writable via fileman.

Version 1.00 - General deployment
  • Initial release

Version 0.0 - Deprecated
  • Deprecated: Significant improvements have been done in a higher version

Resource configuration interface

GUI unavailable.


  • Music On Hold Name: corresponds to the folder where are stored the music-on-hold files. Maximum 18 characters.
  • Mode and volume: indicate the volume and mode of music-on-hold
    • normal: The music-on-hold is played continuously. When an application needs to access the music-on-hold, music-on-hold does not restart from the beginning.
    • loud: same as normal but louder.
    • Play the music from the beginning: music-on-hold restart from the beginning each time an application needs to play music-on-hold.


  • The MP3 file should not contain any ID3 information which could be incompatible with the MP3 decoder on the SOP. We recommend removing the ID3 tag completely.
  • The maximum file size for a MP3 file on the SOP is 8 MB.

More information

See HowTo Configure Music on Hold
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