OutgoingEnumLookup (EOA0)


The ENUM (RFC 3761) protocol translates E.164 (i.e. ordinary) numbers into IP addressing schemes (SIP, IAX, H323, Email...) via Internet DNS system lookup. This mechanism provides dynamic information on how to route a call to a specific phone number.

The goal of this resource is to configure an ENUM interface which can be used in the routing plan. Please refer to the RFC 3761 ENUM specification for more information about ENUM.

Release notes

Version 0.0 - Deprecated
  • Deprecated: Resource was rejected by or has not been validated by our quality assurance department. (M5733)

Resource configuration interface

GUI unavailable.

Resource configuration parameters

  • Description: free text field, allowing you to describe the peer system
  • Method Type: Type of record you want to lookup in the DNS servers. Currently, Escaux UCS can only translate iax and sip URI from DNS lookup results. This correspond to iax and sip methods. If you are not sure, ask your ENUM provider which method (URI type) is configured in the DNS record
  • Record Id: For each method (URI type), several entries can be stored in the DNS server records. Indicate here which Record Id must be selected.
  • Zone Suffix: Normaly ENUM looks in e164.arpa. You can indicate here an alternative Zone Suffix. For example e164.org)
  • ENUM number prefix: At the DNS lookup time, indicate the prefix which is applied to the phone number to retrieve the good DNS record. All E.164 numbers ("global phone numbers") by definition need a leading "+" during ENUM lookup.

Using the ENUM interface

In order to place calls on an outgoing interface, use the action Goto.INTERFACE in the Escaux UCS routing table. This action takes as argument an outgoing interface. Choose your ENUM interface in this case.


Let say we have an ENUM interface EOA00001 configured with the following parameters:

   Method Type : sip
   Record Id : 1
   Zone Suffix : e164.org
   ENUM number Prefix : +32 (Remark the needed '+')

Let say the dialed number is 0026860900 
and the action Goto.Interface is configured to remove the 2 leading digits.

When the action Goto.Interface uses the interface EOA00001, 
a DNS lookup is made in the dns zone e164.org to the address 
and first entry (Record Id = 1) which has a URI type sip (Method Type = sip) 
given by the DNS is dialed.

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