PolycomIP300 (SDP1)


This resource allows to connect a Polycom IP300 IP Phone.

Release notes

Version 2.14 - General deployment
  • Feature: Added server side features configuration (SIP reinvite, qualify SIP registration, codecs to use)
  • Feature: New firmware 2.1.3 for Polycom IP300 and 3.1.7 for Polycom IP301
  • Improvement: Renamed "Presence" to "BLF"
  • Improvement: Renamed "Extensions to supervise" to "Speeddial"
  • Dependency:
    • Polycom Phone Support v.3.3.0+

Version 2.13 - General deployment
  • Bug fix: missing file upon provisioning
  • Dependency:
    • Polycom Phone Support v.2.2+

Version 2.12 - Deprecated
  • Bug fix: phone does not boot
  • Bug fix: no more voice on reception of second call
  • Dependency:
    • Polycom Phone Support v.2.2+

Version 2.11 - General deployment
  • hidden directory entries will not apprear in phone directory anymore

Version 2.10 - General deployment
  • Fix small speed dial button bug

Version 2.00 - General deployment
  • Presence feature. Allow to supervise extensions. (Works only for extension which has a callflow using STARTAPPLICATION.2.00 start action.)
  • DTMF mode changed to 2833

Version 1.00 - General deployment

Version 0.0 - Deprecated
  • Bugfix: Fix small speed dial button bug
  • Bugfix: Fix timeout on noanswer to 999
  • Feature: Polycom Support 1.8 required
  • Deprecated: Significant improvements have been done in a higher version

Resource configuration interface

GUI unavailable.

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