This resource allows to connect up to 8 DECT on a SNOM M3 base station.

Release notes

Version 1.4 - General deployment
  • Allow call waiting as an option
  • Allow do not disturb as an option

Version 1.3 - General deployment
  • Snom phone support 1.6+

Version 1.2 - General deployment
  • fixed issue for upgrading, the phone will not automatically upgrade anymore

Version 1.1 - General deployment
  • firmware should be 1.22+ (Snom Phone Support 1.5)
  • added possibility to change the name display on the handset
  • added possibility to change DST and timezone settings
  • added IPEI number to identify the phone to the basestation
  • added firmware upgrade polling
  • added tone scheme settings

Version 1.0 - Deprecated

Resource configuration interface

GUI unavailable.

Resource configuration parameters

  • The pincode should consist of 4 numbers, if invalid, it will be set to 0000
  • Inverse lines 2 and 3 : Due to a bug in the basestation, sometimes calls for handset 2 are sent to handset 3 and vice versa. This variable is a workaround for this bug.
  • Allow Do not disturb: Allow the possiblity to set the phone in the mode "Do not disturb".
  • Call waiting: Allow the phone to accept several communications.
  • IPEI number: This is the DECT-equivalent of a MAC-address, to find this number:
    • Press the '+'-button (left side of the snom m3)
    • Press down 2 times
    • You will see Handset ID with the IPEI number just under it
  • Handset Display Name: This text will be shown on the display of the phone

Post-installation action

ALERT! The firmware should be version 1.22+ (Snom Phone Support 1.5+)ALERT!
  • Check the firmware version (all handsets should have the same version) :
    • Press the '+'-button (left side of the snom m3)
    • Press down
    • "Version SW: " should be 1.22 or more
  • When all handsets are connected to the base-station (If all handsets are already up to date, you can skip this part) :
    • This has only to be done on 1 handset (per base station), the other handsets should update automatically
    • Press the menu-button on the handset (on the front of the phone, between the directional keys)
    • Go to settings (upper symbol)
    • Go to system settings (pincode: 0000, unless you changed this in the SMP)
    • Go to firmware update and choose version 1.22 (or more)
    • make sure you put the phone in the charger while updating
    • for 4 handsets, the upgrade takes +/- 45 min
    • When the upgrade-process for all the phones is finished, restart the basestation

Technical information

  • technical information about the device itself (max number of handsets, range, ...) can be found in the datasheet on the snom website
  • A handset can be registered to the basestation by following this procedure:
    • shut down the handset (press on the red button for a few seconds)
    • place the handset in the charger
    • reboot the basestation (press the button on the back of the basestation)
    • wait for the basestation to reboot (the 'registered' led should be on)
    • within five minutes after the basestation has booted, turn on the handset
  • Replacing a handset can be done as following:
    • Replace the IPEI number of the old handset by the IPEI number of the new one on the SMP
    • Apply the changes. Once done, reboot the basestation so it takes the new configuration
    • register the handset
  • A handset will only be registered on one single basestations. Roaming is not possible
  • The basestation has one button:
    • short press: the basestation reboots
    • long press : the basestation will do a factory reset

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