Sipura3000FXS (SDS3)


This resource allows to connect a Linksys SPA3000 'FXS to IP' analog convertor. Only analog phones are supported on this FXS interface. Analog faxes and modems should be connected on a ZDA AnalogInterface.

Release notes

Version 1.1 - Early deployment
  • Feature: Added SIP overload control settings
  • Dependency:
    • Asterisk-1.2.x module v2.30+
    • Cisco ATA support v1.4.0+

Version 1.00 - General deployment

Resource configuration interface

GUI unavailable.

Resource configuration parameters

  • SIP server feature:
    • SIP Overload Control: 'Default' has currently the same function as 'Disabled' (planned for future use), 'Enable' to use the settings defined in this resource and 'Disabled' to deactivate the sip overload control
    • Max Call per period: The maximum number of call allowed during polling period. If the maximum is reached the SIP requests will be rejected with the a SIP error 480 Temporarily unavailable'
    • Polling period: Period during which the maximum number of calls is to be checked. At the end of each period the overload control counters are reset.
    • SIP blacklisting: 'Default' to keep settings defined in asterisk module, 'Enable' to use the settings defined in this resource and 'Disabled' to deactivate the sip blacklisting
    • Blacklisting time after overload: The time after the overload during which the IP address of incoming SIP requests will be blacklisted
    • IP blacklisted time: The time during which the IP address will remain blacklisted

When to use

  • You want to connect 1 small site to a central site which runs a net.SOP over an IP/VPN with quality of service.
  • On the small site, just connect the Sipura 3000, connect the analog line of the telephony provider and a regular analog phone.
  • All incoming calls on the telephone line can be routed to any site of your Escaux UCS.
  • You can make calls with the analog device to any site of your Escaux UCS.
  • If there is a VPN outage, all incoming calls on the analog line is routed to the analog device.
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