NokiaE51 (SDN1)


This resource allows to connect a nokia E51 phone which is provisioned via OMA.

Release notes

Version 1.0 - General deployment
  • Feature: Initial release
  • Dependency:
    • Nokia Phone Support Module 1.1+

Resource configuration interface

GUI unavailable.

Mandatory fields :
  • MAC address : FFFFFFFFFFFF
  • Provisioning mobile phone number (with international E164 format, for example +32495123456) : the gsm number of the mobile phone to provision (associated with the SIM card used)
  • Wi-Fi SSID : the Wi-Fi SSID where the mobile phone has to connect to join the SOP
  • Wi-Fi WPA1 key : the wpa1 key associated with the Wi-Fi SSID to allow the mobile phone to be accepted by the Wi-Fi router.
  • To allow incoming calls please set your outgoing extension
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