HowTo: Configure Follow Me

Application goals

Followme allows a user to redirect his calls to another phone. A user that is away from his desk can ask to receive his calls to any other phone that is connected to the same Escaux UCS. On the phone he wants to receive his calls he dials a special number, types his extension and pincode.

Followme differs from a Forward which must be activated from your own phone (in advance). Followme also differs from PUM. When logged in on a phone using PUM, the phone becomes really your phone. This means that you have your own speeddials and other configuration and when making a call your caller id is shown. This is not the case with Followme. While only one user can be logged on a phone at a time, there can be many followme's activated on one phone. When receiving a call, the caller id will indicate for who the call is intended.

Technical Description

A special status "followme" indicates that a user has activated a followme. The associated callflow will direct the call to the phone indicated by the FollowMeDevice profile parameter.

An IVR allows you to activate or deactivate your followme. The IVR first asks your extension. If you have not yet set a followme, you will be asked for your pincode. After verification, your status is set to "followme" and your FollowMeDevice set to the phone your calling the IVR from. If you already have a followme set, you have the option to deactivate it or to set a new one. Disabling a followme doesn't require a pincode.

How to implement

  • Copy the Followme callflows from the template (*205 for the IVR and *066 for the actual user callflow).
  • Create the Application profile if not already done
  • Create the FollowMeIVR status which will be linked to this 'Application' profile
  • Assign the Followme IVR callflow root extension to Application.FollowMeIVR callflow
    • Assign the 'FollowMeIVR' status
    • Use the callflow '*205' that you imported
  • Assign an extension to Application.FollowMeIVR
  • If desired, configure a speeddial on all phones to this extension
  • Create the Global Parameter 'status'
  • For every profile that requires followme:
    • Assign the 'FollowMe' status
    • Add the profile parameter "FollowMeDevice"
    • Use the callflow '*066' that you imported
  • Set the "DefaultStatus" global parameter to the correct value (for example "Office") : this will be the user's status when turns off FollowMe :
    • To change this reserved global parameter, you need to go to Communication Flow Studio > Global Parameters > Reserved
  • Upgrade/install following software components to at least the version indicated:
    • SMP software: 2 (release-2.x, stable-2 or trunk)
    • Asterisk1.2: 2.3
    • SOP API module: 2.0
    • System Status: 2.0
  • Install following audio prompt files on the SOP:
    • FollowMeLogoutOK.gsm
    • FollowMeLogoutError.gsm
    • FollowMeLoginOK.gsm
    • FollowMeLoginError.gsm
    • FollowMeIVR12.gsm
    • PumExtensionPrompt.gsm
    • PumPincodePrompt.gsm
    • PumPincodeIncorrect.gsm


(no examples available)


  • Make sure the SOP API module is configured with the correct IP address (SOP IP address).
  • 'status' global parameter cannot be defined as 'Status' global parameter is reserved.
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