HowTo: Toggle a phone v1.0


The Toggle feature allows a caller to bypass a particular user's callflow and call the user's phone directly. This can be particularly interesting for a company receptionist. This feature is also used in the Escaux net.Console application.

How to implement ?

Step 1: add a route for prefix *97

DONE Navigate to: CAll Routing > Define Routes

Press 'Add' and fill out the following parameters:

  • Telephony Route: _*97. (this will capture all extensions starting with *98)
  • Route Group: national
  • Action: MapNumber.1.10
  • Action Parameter 1: leave empty

Press 'Save'

Step 2: send the call to the Toggle callflow

DONE Navigate to: CAll Routing > Define Routes

Press on the Action Name 'MapNumber.1.10' of route _*97 and fill out the following parameters:

  • Description: Send call to callflow *215
  • Number of front digits to strip: All
  • Prefix applied to the number: *215
  • Variable: ExtensionToToggle

What does the above do ? Imagine we want to toggle the device behind extension 601 by calling *97601. The above action stores *97601 in the channel variable ExtensionToToggle (ExtensionToToggle=*97601). We also remove all digits from the called number and prefix by *215. This is the same as simply replacing route *97601 by *215 and as a result our call is sent to callflow *215.

ERROR! Important: Callflow *215 is a pre-defined callflow. If this callflow is not present on your system, please contact the Escaux Support team.

Inside callflow *215, the prefix *97 is stripped from variable ExtensionToToggle, and prefixed with 'primary_device_' resulting in 'primary_device_601', which is a reserved varaible containing the primary device behind extension 601.
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