Resource configuration parameters

  • IAX trunk name: Name of the outgoing IAX trunk to be monitored. For example IOA00002

Configuration notes

Remember to use at least version 1.10 of the OutgoingIAXTrunk probe and set "Remote host qualification" in the IOAXXXXX resource to "yes".

Performance graphs

This probe generates a graph with following performance metrics:

  • Used: the number of channels currently in use.


This probe can report following alarm states:

  • CRITICAL: the IAX trunk is down. More precisely, the asterisk iax2 show peer command reports a status that is not OK.

Possible causes

(none documented yet)

Possible consequences

An IAX trunk that is down has following consequences:

  • all calls routed over the IAX trunk are interrupted. No new calls can be set up over the trunk.

Possible actions

(none documented yet)

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