Resource parameters

  • PRI number (SPAN): the SPAN number of the PRI.

Performance graphs

This probe generates a graph with following performance metrics:

  • Total: the total number of channels in the PRI. This is a constant value.
  • Used: the number of channels currently in use.
  • Free: the number of channels currently available.


This probe can report following alarm states:

  • CRITICAL: any of the following conditions hold:
    • the PRI is down. More precisely, it reports a RED, YELLOW or BLUE alarm.
    • the PRI has zero usable channels (misconfiguration?).
    • all the channels are in use.

Possible causes

(no root-causes are documented yet)

Possible consequences

A PRI that is down has following consequences:

  • all calls routed over the PRI are interrupted. No new calls can be set up using it.

Possible actions

Following actions may be taken in response to a span (PRI) that is down:

  • verify cabling.
  • verify the equipment at the other end (possibly at your telecom operator).

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