UC Template 3.0 Resources Examples

You'll find here CSV extract for Bulk Administration that can be used to provision a SOP based on UC Template 3.0

Note that the versions are not mentioned. You have to add the right version corresponding to the current UC Template. Add it in the VERSION column next to the resource type using a space as separation. This will be automated in a next SMP version.

Have a look at the UC Template 3.0 Procedures Guide to see which parameters can be adapted.


Brand Type & CSV
Aastra 610d
Aastra 612d
Aastra 620d
Aastra 622d
Aastra 6731i
Aastra 6739i
Aastra 6753i
Aastra 6755i
Aastra 6757i
Aastra VirtualPhone
Algo 8180
Cisco 7905
Cisco 7912
Cisco 7940
Cisco 7941
CounterPath EyeBeam
Escaux net.Buzz
Grandstream GXP2000
Polycom IP330
Polycom IP331
Polycom IP450
Polycom IP550
Polycom IP560
Polycom IP650
Polycom IP650 for net.Console
Polycom IP670
Polycom IP4000
Polycom IP6000
Polycom IP7000
Polycom VirtualPhone
Polycom VVX310
Polycom VVX500
SNOM 320
SNOM 370
Thomson ST2030
Unidata 7700
Unidata 7800

ATA boxes

Brand Type & CSV
Cisco SPA112
Cisco SPA2102
Cisco SPA3102
Cisco SPA8000
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