Escaux radically changes the way Unified Communication services are created, deployed and managed.

With one easy to learn solution, based on open standards, Escaux offers you a truly unique environment, allowing you to create, deliver and assure services (IP telephony, instant messaging, video, call center, ...) for all your market segments. In other words: you always have a solution in place, without the risk of running into inefficiencies to build, deliver or assure a multitude of solutions. 


Your most important task is to understand the wants and needs of your target customer. And to define the according service features and architecture to answer them.


building blocks

Building blocks

One set of functional building blocks enables you to create your own unified communication cloud with a rich variety of dedicated services for all your markets. From SoHo to large corporations.

Thanks to the powerful Escaux software factory, new building blocks can be created swiftly. Any time a new market need arises. There’s your unique selling proposition.


building blocks : add a feature


The Escaux Service Creation Environment is modular and shapes around the needs of your target markets. It offers you an array of communication services, from simple telephony, presence, conferencing and messaging, to advanced operator and call centre services.

In addition, it allows you to integrate business processes, CRM, calendars or even mobile telephony (Fixed Mobile Unification).


cross platform integration

Cross platform and multiple application

Escaux offers an all-in-one solution, integrating various applications, no matter whether they reside in the operator network (e.g. Centrex), customer LAN (e.g. CRM) or ‘in the cloud’ (e.g. Google Calendar).

The ingenious Escaux ‘abstraction layer’ is what makes your Escaux solution truly unified. It allows virtually any system, network, service or application to connect and to communicate.


Functional language: easy to learn

Easy-to-learn functional language

The Escaux Service Creation Environment uses an easy-to-learn functional language. Two days of training at the maximum suffice to master it. Without heavy certification requirements.


Time to market

Unbeatable time-to-market

The Escaux Service Creation Environment allows you to create and roll-out new services in no-time. Service templates are created for a group of customers or specific market segments, based on the requirements you identify. These templates are then replicated in an industrial way across customers and sites.


Freedom of choice

Freedom of choice

Escaux is independent from any hard-or software manufacturer and is advocating the use of open standards. The Escaux Unified Communication solution is compatible with a wide range of SIP-supported phones and almost any software component can be integrated.

This gives you a real freedom to choose the most appropriate hard- or software components and in many cases allows you to recover prior investments.