Industrial Service Delivery allows you to match flexibility with efficiency.

Delivering services in an industrial way means they can be reproduced at any time, without manual interventions or dependency on certified engineers.

Split real-time from non-real-time

Not all tasks are equally time-critical. That’s why Escaux splits real-time from non-real time operations.


The Service Operational Point (SOP) at the customer side runs the operational software and executes the real-time operations. The SOP is always a dedicated, customer-specific environment that runs on a dedicated or virtualised appliance.

Configuration, monitoring, backup, administration and software updates on the other hand happen at the Service Management Platform level (SMP).

Best of both worlds

Escaux offers service providers the possibility to implement a hybrid cloud service delivery architecture that combines the best of the cloud with the flexibility of an on-site solution.


In order to cover a maximum of market needs, other architectures, ranging from pure cloud to all on-site, are equally possible.

Industrial deployment

All service templates, designed by your product managers for different types of clients or market segments, are replicated industrially from the Escaux Service Management Platform. Implement service templates across sites and users as many times as you like.


Customer-specific integrations or other custom requests are also easily answered in the Services Center. Built once, they can become a new service template which then can be implemented unlimited times across sites and users.

Built-in services

Delivered services are built in: automated documentation, pro-active monitoring, guaranteed backup, disaster recovery and so on. Making it extremely easy to keep track of the specific services that have been enabled for each individual customer.


And making the solution absolutely reliable. At any time. That’s what we call industrial efficiency.

First configure, then install

By splitting non-real-time from real-time operations, configurations and updates are completed before being implemented. In other words, there is no impact on the live system.


As a consequence, the installation of a new Service Operational Point is only a matter of minutes and does not require specific technical skills.

Highly scalable

Thanks to the very intuitive Services Management Platform user interface, new services, users or sites are added in no time. Set-up, maintenance and management are easy as pie, which dramatically reduces your dependency on expensive certified engineers.