The most appropriate architecture depends on the needs of your target customer

The Escaux Service Creation Environment allows you to create, deliver and assure the most appropriate architecture for each segment, while ensuring a dedicated context for each customer and/or site.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud


The hybrid cloud model combines the advantages of a stand-alone solution with the efficiency of the cloud.


The solution consists of a Service Management Platform (SMP) and a set of Service Operational Points (SOP) that run all applications.


Hybrid Cloud : SOP and SMPThe Service Management Platform creates, delivers and assures all services

It takes care of many tasks such as the creation of services, the delivery of software and updates, the monitoring of appliances, the reporting of SLA, ....

Changes or additions - new users, applications, software or sites - are done in the SMP through a unified and systematic approach, and are documented on an ongoing basis. At any time, services and appliances can be reproduced without manual intervention or dependency on certified engineers.


The Service Operational Points handle all real-time operations.

A SOP is always a dedicated environment and is located in the customer VPN (can be in LAN or WAN). More SOPs can be added to increase redundancy or balance load within or across sites.


As the SOPs are located in the customer’s private network, it's easy to integrate other applications in the ICT back office.


The SOP communicates with the Service Management Platform, connecting ‘inside-out’. In other words: the organisation’s firewall does not need to be opened, which offers great security advantages.

In case the connection between the customer’s site and the operator fails, the SOP continues to handle in- and outgoing communications without impacting the end-user service.


The installation of the SOPs is frictionless and does not require highly skilled engineers.

Frictionless deployment

Step 1. Take SOP, connect to SMP

Step 2. Take devices, connect to SOP

Step 3. Test and Go!


Pure cloud

Pure Cloud


For smaller customers or deployments, it is possible to have both the Service Management Platform (SMP) and the Service Operational Point (SOP) hosted in the cloud.


In order to keep the benefits of having a dedicated customer environment, the SOP becomes a virtualised SOP or vSOP. End-points (telephones) and vSOP are connected through a private VPN.


Private Cloud

Private Cloud


Customers in the large corporate segment or public institutions sometimes request to build their own private cloud, including the Service Management Platform.

It's possible to place both SMP and SOPs in their private network.


Or any other architecture

Any other architecture is possible