One end-to-end SLA.

Service assurance tools are built-in in the Escaux solution and are delivered automaticallly. This allows you to offer one end-to-end SLA, over all applications and for any chosen architecture. So, regardless of the unified communication solution you create.

Supported by one SLA

Thanks to its truly unified approach and built-in service assurance tools, your Escaux solution allows you to offer your customers an end-to-end Service Level Agreement. Involving the entire solution, regardless the service and architecture you created.


This SLA offers you peace of mind thanks to a built-in waterproof Disaster Recovery Service. It includes accurate and guaranteed back-up, pro-active system monitoring - independent from the service architecture - and quick and risk-free recovery of all applications.


  • Accurate, automated and guaranteed back-up
  • Pro-active monitoring
    Escaux systems auto-connect to the cloud and stay connected on a permanent basis, hence allowing pro-active performance monitoring. The input of over 30 probes is continuously analysed and filtered and alarms can be exported to an operator network operating centre. Therefore, action can be taken before an issue becomes a problem. The history of the system performance indicators is safely stored to allow a longer term analysis.
  • Automatic documentation
    The Escaux Service Management Platform automatically documents configurations, changes, updates and upgrades. At any time you know exactly what has been installed for a particular customer or site. Which makes reinstallation reassuringly simple. And replication a piece of cake.

Updates and Upgrades included

The Escaux UC Solution is software, delivered as a service. The Escaux  engineers continuously evolve, improve and add new building blocks to the Service Creation Environment. These enhancements are released as updates and upgrades on an ongoing basis. Totally automatic and without business disruptions.