Mobility & Social Networks

The Fixed Mobile integration solution that simply works always and everywhere without Apps, WiFi or Mobile Internet



As a System Administrator you are looking for efficient and easy-to-implement solutions. This means:


  • avoid applications on individual phones;
  • should work on any mobile phone;
  • one solution to manage fixed as well as mobile calls; 
Autonomy to make changes

Organisations need to evolve. And their communication solution must be able to keep up with that change. In order to be able to react prompt and swiftly to changing needs, customers must have the autonomy to add or remove users, change numbering plans (e.g. go from 3 to 4 digits) or impose restrictions through the IP-PABX. Without any intervention of the operator.


Control on the use of resources

Customers want to have the possibility to impose restrictions for individual phones or groups of phones, directly in the IP-PABX.

Furthermore, continuity in case a person is leaving the company or is unavailable for whatever reason, is of great importance. And compared to a mobile number, a corporate number may be easier to transfer to a new colleague.


Protect prior investments

Setting up a communication solution requires an important investment. Both in budget and in human effort. Expanding the geographical coverage of their IP-PABX is an effective way to increase their return on prior investments.


Full service mobility.

Escaux allows you to bring a customer’s complete office telephony environment to any mobile phone in his organisation. Including all the integrations with his local ICT back office.


One solution to manage your mobile and desk phones

With FMU, your PBX will see the cell phone as a standard SIP phone (like your desk phone or soft phone). Your cell phones become an integral part of your PBX, i.e. preserving all the existing functionality and integrations. This allows you to manage and control all your calls on both cell phones, desk phones and soft phones, through your existing IP-PBX, in a unified and consolidated way.


You are in control

With FMU, your cell phones act like any other SIP phone in your PBX. Therefore, you can add users, set restrictions or change numbering plans without intervention from your mobile provider.


Any mobile phone is in scope

The Escaux FMU solution does not require the installation of any application on the user's cell phone. Furthermore, no equipment is required at your site and no adaptations are needed in your IP-PBX.


Replace your DECT and WiFi telephony

DECT is obsolete and telephony is very challenging in terms of audio quality, roaming and battery life. Moreover DECT and WiFi coverage is only available inside your company area, not outside. The simplicity of the standard GSM service in combination with its wide geographic reach, make FMU an excellent replacement technology for telephony over DECT and WiFi.


In an absolutely unique way

FMU is based on patent-pending ESCAUX software and is implemented in the operator’s network. Hence adding value to the operator’s network, while keeping all the functionality and numbering plans of the customer’s existing IP-PABX.


Unique technology

The ESCAUX Fixed Mobile Unification solution is based on patented-pending technology. It is implemented in the operator network and communicates with the customer’s IP-PABX. The IP-PABX controls the mobile devices (intelligent routing, call flows, ...) while the switching happens in the mobile network. But more importantly, it allows mobile operators to offer value-added services to their customers.


Single call control, single system management

One single solution allows your system administrator to easily add or delete users, change call flows, enable or disable applications, set restrictions, pull reports and so much more. Equally convenient for fixed and mobile devices.


Enlarging the scope of the IP-PABX

FMU is a service that broadens the geographical coverage of any existing certified IP-PABX.

It allows mobile users to enjoy the benefits of an integrated CRM package or agenda anywhere, at any time. So they finally become a full part of the company’s communication and ICT environment.


Any mobile phone

As the Escaux solutions does not require the installation of any application on the mobile user’s phone, virtually any GSM phone is in scope. So there is no need to replace regular mobile phones by smartphones. And no additional support or maintenance on individual phones is needed to make the solution work.