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Escaux "Fixed Mobile Unification"
The world's easiest and best integrated solution 
... and we truly mean this


Your desk phone and mobile phone become one

With Escaux Fixed Mobile Unification, your mobile phone receives the same features as your desk phone. You can dial colleagues using their internal extension, your colleagues can see you are on the phone, ...


One number, for incoming and outgoing calls

Whether you make a call with your mobile phone, your desk phone or your softphone, the other party always sees your ONE number (typically your landline number).

Always see who is calling you

Another advantage of true FMU is that you always get the correct Caller Line Identification (CLI) displayed. Irrespective of whether you are using a fixed or a mobile device. This offers  useful features such as easy call-back and saving contact details . And the freedom to decide whether to answer an incoming call or not.


See who is on the phone

Thanks to FMU you will be able to see if your colleague is on the phone, regardless whether they are using their desk phone or mobile phone.


A perfect balance between business and private life

You can easily switch between business and private mode. When in business mode, people see your landline number. In private mode they see your mobile number. Ideal to keep your professional calls separated from your private calls. Your business card only mentions your landline number; your mobile number is only for friends and family.


Look mom, no software...

Escaux FMU does not require the installation of an additional application. No Apps, no Wifi, no mobile internet required. Just use your phone like you have always done, including the native directory, no new user interface to learn. Any GSM and smart phone is in scope, even that plain vanilla GSM from 10 years ago.



The research on FMU has been done with the financial support of Region Wallonne.