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Mobile voice revenues are eroding

The market for mobile voice is saturated and the growth of mobile voice revenue is slowing down. This creates a huge challenge for mobile operators. Making them look for new, non-price related arguments to win back customers.

Your quest for new market growth

Mobile operators look for mobile data revenue to compensate for the slow-down in voice revenue, but mobile data is rapidly becoming a commodity as well. Addressing new markets and adding value to existing propositions is therefor essential.


Escaux Fixed-Mobile Unification is a game changer in the business segment:


  • FMU is an alternative for WiFi and DECT and therefor opens new markets.
  • FMU is about convenience not about cost cutting.
  • FMU intimately links the mobile voice service with the customer's IP-PBX or UC solution.
Efficiency is king

System administrators are looking for efficient and easy-to-implement solutions.


This means:

  • FMU does not require the installation and maintenance of applications on individual phones;
  • FMU works with any phone, a smartphone is not mandatory;
  • FMU offers one solution to manage fixed as well as mobile calls;
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