ESCAUX takes top spot in hosted VOIP test

In its issue of 3 December 2010, the Belgian magazine Data News has published a test of hosted VoIP products. With its unique hybrid solution, ESCAUX takes the crown.


The magazine points out that the unique ESCAUX approach guarantees that you control your own solution instead of having to rely on a shared platform. At the same time, the local SOPs guarantee that communications can continue when the Internet connection goes down. On the other hand, the ESCAUX SMP platform for management offers regular updates and upgrades that keep your solution up-to-date. This combination of local SOPs and the SMP “in the cloud” offers the advantages of both types of solution.


In its conclusion, Data News writes:


Die combinatie van functionaliteit, gebruiksvriendelijkheid en dienstverlening gekoppeld aan de zeer interessante prijsstelling maken van Escaux wat ons betreft een topproduct. (…) Wat ons betreft staat Escaux opnieuw ongeslagen op de eerste plaats.

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