ESCAUX rolls out net.Console restage

ESCAUX is proud to announce that it is publishing net.Console 3.2 for general release. net.Console is a solution for environments that deal with a high call volume. It offers high reliability for continuous service and high speed call processing features. It scales from a single operator or receptionist up to 20 simultaneous receptionists each handling 500 calls per day.


net.Console 3.2 has an optimised client-server architecture. The client side is more light weight, which results in faster processing. In the X900 version, the architecture now offers redundancy in active-active setups. The net.Console client can connect with two SOPs for increased reliability. In case the active SOP goes down, the console can switch to the other SOP and the service continues. This is results in improved stability and service guarantees.


The user interface of net.Console 3.2 has been rewritten for greatly improved ergonomics. Using the mouse or the keyboard, the process of answering and transferring is both intuitive and very efficient. The receptionist thus benefits from more convenient and faster call handling. Great integration capabilities further enhance the customer service.



Watch this space in the next few weeks for more a detailed description of this new exciting ESCAUX upgrade !

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