ESCAUX introduces new appliances
ESCAUX announces new appliances based on servers from Hewlett-Packard. Because ESCAUX adheres to open standards, we have a great choice of hardware and we were able to bring you appliances that offer the best combination of price, performance and support. HP is a well-established player with a solid reputation. Its international presence is a great asset for ESCAUX customers with international sites. ESCAUX offers new Edge, Core and Office Appliances.

ESCAUX Edge Appliance

The ESCAUX Edge Appliance is a base appliance that can function both as a gateway appliance as well as an application server. It is targeted at SME for use as an integrated appliance or at corporate for use as a dedicated gateway. Its small 1U form factor makes it conveniently rack mountable, taking up a minimal amount of rack space. The Edge Appliance takes gateway cards that include dedicated cards for PRI or FXS connections, or combo cards with BRI and FXS connextions.

ESCAUX Core Appliance

For high capacity setups, the ESCAUX Core Appliance offers support for large numbers of users in a small 1U package. The Core Appliance is a dedicated application server and is combined with an Edge Appliance for connectivity.

ESCAUX Office Appliance

For small remote sites, the ESCAUX Office Appliance offers great value for money in a practical tower format. It combines gatewaying functionality with an application server for up to 50 users. On remote sites, the Office Appliance guarantees complete independence from other sites with full local functionality (including voice mail, IVRs, UC, and everything else ESCAUX UCS offers). In this way, the Office Appliance is a very cost efficient way to provide local connectivity and local application processing.

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