DataNews: ESCAUX up to 8% marketshare

A study by Computer Profile of trends in unified communication (UC) and quoted by DataNews shows that ESCAUX is doing quite well in the market of UC solutions: as a new challenger, we have our claimed our own spot on the charts.


We are ahead of established players Aastra and Mitel and not too far behind Avaya. In specific market segments, ESCAUX is doing even better: in the public sector, 8% of the deployments are using our solution. And because of our active partner program, the future of our solution is looking bright.


At the same time, the study shows that UC is more slowly gaining ground than expected. DataNews points outs the cause: IP telephony is still only deployed in around half of the companies. A total of only 5% of the companies interviewed is currently using UC, though in DataNews’ own poll, 11% responded positively. Both studies show clearly that the unified communications market in Belgium is still growing and the best is yet to come.

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