ESCAUX partner receives high praise

The ESCAUX solution for unified communication is a platform based on open standards and offers you freedom of choice for software and hardware components. Our support for different types of phones is legendary. One of the brands that we support has recently received very favourable press.


Polycom gained a strong reputation for their affordable conference telephones that offer unrivaled audio quality. Likewise, the Polycom desk phones are now amongst the great choices for solutions like ESCAUX. This was recognised by the magazine eWeek in their comparison with IP phones from various brands:


“So, what is the perfect IP phone? It is a phone with a modern look, an intuitive interface, quality hardware, and an easy configuration and update process. Manufacturing the perfect IP phone at a competitive price may be a tall order. But, so far, we think Polycom does a better job than most at this.”

eWeek, 2010-10-18

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