ESCAUX launches support for Aastra 675xi


ESCAUX has launched support for the Aastra 6751i, 6753i, 6755i and 6757i SIP telephones. This series offers a sleek and elegant design in phones from a basic model up to a director’s model.


The 6751i and 6753i are basic telephones with a three line LCD, while the higher end 6755i and 6757i offer graphical displays with softkeys in a resolution of 144×75 and 144×128, respectively. Starting from the 6753i, these phones offer a large number of programmable speed dial keys for easy access to your most frequently called contacts. To really up the ante, the 6755i and 6757i can get up to three extension modules that deliver up to 108 additional speed dial keys ! Now that’s a way to increase efficiency!


The Aastra 675xi line of phones is also unique by offering 802.1x support in all the phones. If security is an important concern in your organisation, this authentication protocol offers you the guarantee that only your network will only be accessed by devices that can authenticate themselves. The 675xi phones allow both the phone as well as the PC connected to the phone’s switch to be authenticated.


If you want to add an Aastra 675xi phone to an ESCAUX setup, you can use the SMP for configuration. The support for these phones is complete and includes remote management and auto-configuration.

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