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User applications for every communication need




net.Buzz is a carrier-grade next generation softphone application from Escaux that enables you to manage your communications easily and efficiently – all from your computer desktop. Replacing or complementing your desk phone, net.Buzz allows you to make VoIP calls over IP with ease and efficiency. It works in combination and is complementary to the net.Desktop.






net.Desktop: Unified Communication for end-users.

net.Desktop is the communication portal for end users to manage their interactions with colleagues and the outside world. Communication becomes more efficient. Users can manage their readiness to communicate and control how incoming and outgoing communications are handled. The Unified Directory groups personal, corporate and CRM contacts in a single repository to further facilitate communication.

1. User status management: Communicate your readiness to communicate to your colleagues. User status includes both intentional status (e.g. office, busy, holiday, ...) and device status (available, occupied, ...).


2. Unified directory: Consult your internal and external (CRM, Active Directory, LDAP, ...) contacts via a single directory.


3. Communication portal:


  • Choice of communication tool: telephony, chat, video;
  • Choice of outgoing phone: fixed, mobile, softphone;
  • Click-to-dial from the directory or any application;
  • Advanced multimedia functionality: fax, chat, SMS, and peer-to-peer video communication;

Discover net.Desktop here ! (page opens in new tab) 



net.Console, attendant application

Designed to handle a high volume of incoming calls. This application is typically used by receptionists or call center agents and offers a broad range of state-of-the-art features.


1. Full keyboard control: power users typically prefer full keyboard control. It allows them to handle calls and perform directory searches without ever leaving the keyboard. The keyboard shortcust can be 100% customized. Obviously less experienced users still have the choice of controlling the net.Console application via mousecontrol.


2. Unified directory: Consult your internal and external (CRM, Outlook, Active Directory, LDAP, ...) contacts via a single directory. Not need to put focus on the search field, the "typing is searching" behavior guarantees maximum speed of operation.


3. Call Control:


  • Accept, Terminate, Initiate a call or place it on hold;
  • Park and Direct Park;
  • Toggle, Chain, Camp On;
  • Auto returning calls arrive at same operator;
  • Cherry pick calls from the call queue;
  • Pauze/unpauze an operator;
  • See which operator is logged in and how many calls are waiting;

Discover net.Console here ! (page opens in new tab)




Mobility: the mobile phone and desk phone become one

Escaux offers a truly unique fixed-mobile communication solution. This solution is called Fixed Mobile Unification and is based upon patent pending technology. Explaining the advantages of FMU (Fixed Mobile Unification) isn't always easy. When we try, we often notice that people at first hand think it's just another fix to mobile convergence (FMC) product, while it is so much more! So, we put our star illustrator on the job and ...

... used modern media to help you understand what it's all about. Have a look!



For more details, please check our Mobility section



Call Center and Customer Interaction System

Escaux offers a Call Center solution covering the most important needs of a business organizations. For more advanced Contact Center environments can benefit from our Customer Interaction System.

Our Call Center solution is built upon Escaux technology. This affordable solution is perfectly suited for small and medium sized Inbound Call Centers. It typically covers the needs of a Support Team or a Customer Service Team. Call Center supervisors can benefit from the net.Supervisor solution. This client software offers a configurable dashboard with statistics and alarms about the performance of the call center. Discover net.Supervisor here ! (page opens in new tab)



Our Customer Interaction System solution relies on an integration with Voxtron technology. For more information, please consult the Voxtron website.



Integration with your IT back-office

The Escaux solution is 100% software-based and is built on open technology. Integrations with applications in the ICT customer LAN or cloud can be easily achieved through a set of open HTTP/XML based API's, LDAP or Microsoft AD interaction.


Discover the integration possibilities here ! (page opens in new tab)