Unidata/Incom Phone Support


Contains firmware and common settings for Unidata/Incom phones

Release notes

Version 1.6.0 - Early deployment
  • Feature: added support for the "ICW-1000G" phone model (M10681)
  • Dependency:
    • UnidataWireless7700 v1.9.0+
    • UnidataWireless7800 v1.3.0+
    • Incom ICW-1000G v1.0.0+

Version 1.5.0 - Early deployment
  • Feature: Added firmware 2.02.14 for the Unidata 7800 WiFi phone
  • Dependency:
    • UnidataWireless7700 v1.9.0+
    • UnidataWireless7800 v1.3.0+

Version 1.4.0 - General deployment
  • Feature: added firmware 2.01.06 for the unidata 7800 phone

Version 1.3.0 - General deployment
  • Improvement: Firmware version 02.08.00 for WPU 7700
  • Feature: Remove old tftp configuration file on delete of unidata resource (M0001576)

Version 1.2.0 - General deployment
  • Firmware version 02.04.00
  • Bugfix: display Info field not handled by Unidata phones
  • Feature: ring tone and vibration at the same time

Version 1.1.0 - General deployment
  • Feature: Firmware version 02.03.00
  • Improvement: Prevents a user from resetting the phone to factory default

Version 1.0.0 - General deployment
  • Feature: Firmware version 02.02.00
  • Feature: Common configuration

Module configuration interface

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No parameters to configure.


Please consult the Customer DHCP Server configuration guide for more information about the DHCP options necessary for autoprovisioning of this type of device.

USB Firmware upgrade procedure for Incom

This procedure can be used when the auto or the manual (via the phone or the web interface) upgrade is not working properly.

  1. Download the MFG-Tools.zip file
  2. Download the instruction oh how to configure MFG Tool included in Method_of_upgrade_of_ICW-1000G_via_USB_ports_eng.pdf

  • Please make sure the phone is turned off. However, battery should be kept in.
  • Unzip the *MFG-Tools.zip* in the directory of your choice.
  • Open the upgrading MFG tool by launching the file *FmgTool.exe* (This file is located in the directory where you have extracted the MFG-Tools.zip)
  • Connect USB cable to the phone pressing menu key.
  • Check that INCOM logo blink/disappear when connecting the USB cable to the Computer.
  • Release the menu key.
  • Please go into options and USB port at tool and find “HID compliant vendor-defined device” and click them.
  • Please press OK on tool and then you’re able to find “HID compliant vendor-defined device” at main display on tool.
  • Please press “Start” on tool.
  • Upgrading will be proceeded.
  • After upgrading, please unplug the cable and take out the battery.
  • Your phone will be upgraded.


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