MusicOnHoldSelector (MME2)


The MusicOnHoldSelector will tell the SOP which music on hold to play.

Release notes

Version 1.1 - General deployment
  • Improvement: Compatibility with the Communication Server module
  • Dependency:
    • Music On Hold module 1.0 or higher
    • MusicOnHold resource 1.6 or higher

Version 1.0 - General deployment
  • Feature: Initial version
  • Dependency:
    • * Music On Hold module 1.0 or higher

Resource configuration interface

GUI unavailable.


  • Asterisk needs to be restarted in order to apply the changes, beware this will interrupt all telephony communications, you can do this on the SOP Shell, in [Diagnostics > Telephony > Asterisk Console] and then type "restart now" without the quotes.
  • Alternatively you can type the "moh reload" command in the asterisk console, beware that this will stop currently playing music on active calls, and only new calls will start using the new music on hold files.

More information

See HowTo Configure Music on Hold
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